Panel discussion on XR

A discussion on navigating the new normal with XR at The VRARA community of practices meet. Walking through the Thoughtworks’ insights and sharing updates on VRARA.

The world is finding the way s to get out of Covid impact, some are on recovery path and some are still battling with it. At ThoughtWorks, we have recently published our insights on navigating the new normal with augmented reality. Members of Communities of Practice of The VRARA come together to discussed the topic and share the opinion on way forward for XR.

I presented thoughtworks insights to other renowned industry leaders and VRARA members like Pradeep Sharma, Swarup Choudhury and Rajiv Madane, and technology exports Pradeep Naik and Dhruv. …

Rise of Enterprise XR

Enterprise XR is gaining traction by making the pandemic-proof workplaces a reality. Here we describe the key considerations of enterprise XR journey.

Using Lenovo ThinkReality A6 Glass at Workplace

The IMF called the COVID-19 crisis ‘unlike any other,’ where the global growth contraction for 2020 was estimated at -3.5 percent.

Here is a quick overview of the biggest challenges that CXOs (and their businesses) have faced over the recent past, to better illustrate how the pandemic is affecting businesses:

  • Businesses are grappling with slowing global supply chains
  • Sales and production growth is further impacted with a subsequent dive in opportunities for partnerships and growth
  • The flattened or negative growth market result in less manpower and resources to work with, further affecting productivity

Coaching in the corporate world is not about providing advice or solving the problems upfront, it is more around awakening the individuals to solve things on their own.

When the word “Coaching” comes into my mind, one name always pops up, the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and his coach Mr. Ramakant Achrekar who gave him cricket. This example also helps us break the myths that coaching is needed when there are performance issues or people who are underperforming need the most.

Sachin Tendulkar with his coach — Source

If Sachin Tendulkar needs a coach then we all need a coach in our life to get going. The corporate world is also realizing the importance of coaching. Organizations like ThoughtWorks, focus on coaching as one of the key parts of its cultivation culture. Being a ThoughtWorker…

eXtending Reality by Spatial Collaboration

Software development practices for spatial solution are growing, we are sharing our experience and best practices for building spatial solutions using eXtended Reality (XR)

< Part 1: XR Product Definition < Part 2: XR User Experience Design <

This article covers best practices of XR development and testing.

Best Practices of XR Development

XR development introduces us to the new set of technologies and tools. The standard development practices such as Test Driven Development, eXtreme Programming, Agile development helps building a better product. XR is influenced by gaming a lot, and many standard development practices for enterprise software development may not be straight forward.

Plan for spikes

XR is still fairly new so it is better to have a plan for spikes for uncovering the unknowns.

CI/CD first

Having a CI/CD setup makes the…

Software development practices for spatial solution are growing, we are sharing our experience and best practices for building spatial solutions using eXtended Reality (XR)

< Part 1: XR Product Definition || Part 3: XR development and testing >

eXtending the Reality by Spatial Collaboration

Best practices of User Experience Design

The “Reality” is what we believe, and we believe what we see, hear and sense. So “Extended Reality (XR)” is about extending or changing the belief. Once the user gets immersed in the new digital environment, they also expect to interact with digital objects presented to them in the same/similar ways as they interact with real objects in the physical world.

  • Minor glitch in AR applications can break the immersive experience and users may not believe in the virtual objects. …

eXtending the Reality by Spatial Collaboration

Software development practices for spatial solution are growing, we are sharing our experience and best practices for building spatial solutions using eXtended Reality (XR)

Covid19 is forcing us into a ‘new normal’, A new normal that makes most of us work from home, and that leads to spending long hours on Zoom, or other video conferencing platforms. Meetings, inceptions, discovery workshops, conferences, and webinars are happening in the same monotonous ways. We are stuck with a screen in almost the same pose and posture. Some might use their mobile phone or tablet but that limits us to a small screen. We do miss our office days and face to face meetings; the brainstorming, retrospectives, daily stand-ups or other important workshops exercises. Using physical boards…

The year 2020 reflections, and stories of how I cultivated willpower to go through the year of change, and become stronger and ready to face the year 2021. Have a great 2021 ahead!

The year 2020 was the year of change, it may be painful for some, but at the same time, it has taught us lessons in life. I have written about it earlier that we have to accept it, and it will be remembered and will have an impact on our whole life and after our life, no matter what we do. So it is important that we live the present fully.

I am ending this year by reading the book “Power of Will” by Frank Channing Haddock. It explains the power of Will;

The strong will is master of the…


Interesting conversation on eXtended Reality(XR) with Eddie Avil, starting from my background, how I landed up in the XR space and where are we heading…


XROM PODCast is a youtube channel maintained by serial entrepreneur, dreamer & a believer Mr. Eddie Avil. This channel has number of interesting conversations with industry leaders in the emerging technology space. Eddie Avil, also runs a marketplace for AR VR hardware and service, visit here for more details.

Watch and listen the podcast here.

Here are highlights of our conversation at the the PODCast

My background

IT career started right after graduating from NIT Kurukshetra in 2004. I have been a techie filling the gap between tech and businesses, throughout my 16+ years of journey with Quark, Nagarro and…

Changing the traditions with XR

2020, the year of change continues, and see how I used XR tech for planning my home renovation and re-design. XR is now a need and is beyond the hype.

Covid19 is still unmeasurable, and we are getting more or less getting adjusted to this new normal. We are eagerly waiting to say goodbye to this year 2020, and welcome the coming 2021, the year of hope.

In April this year, I explained XR development from home, and that was still near shore to office, I was less than an hour away from the office. The year 2020 wanted more changes and two months ago, we decided to take a break from the hustle-bustle metro life, and move to my native place, Raisinghnagar, a small peaceful town in Rajasthan, India…

Learning ∝ Sharing

Today, when the world is celebrating teacher’s day, Happy teachers day to all of us, we all are teachers and learners as every one of us has something to learn from others and something to teach others. I am thinking of an equation of learning that defines my way of learning and hope it would be helpful for you too.

The learning equation — Learning is proportional to Sharing;
Learning ∝ Sharing

The more we share, the more we learn. The better we are at sharing, the better we become at learning.

We learn every day in all situations of…

Kuldeep Singh

Principal Consultant, Engineering and Head of ARVR Practice @ ThoughtWorks India.

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